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D-Limonene is an extremely versatile & powerful natural solvent made from the extract of orange peels. Our D-Limonene is a 100% Pure all natural occurring and non-toxic solvent and degreaser with thousands of practical uses.

Stop buying toxic overpriced packaged cleaning products and create your own whole house cleaning kit using D-Limonene and other natural ingredients. Our D-Limonene is the highest quality and you can use our D-Limonene cleaner recipes to create your own orange cleaner at home.

Inside the house, you can use D-Limonene to clean hard surfaces such as your kitchen counter, to remove stains and chewing gum in your carpet, in the bathroom to clean the floor and bathtub, to clean electronics, as a pre-wash in the laundry room, to clean the windows in every room, and to remove the glue residue from stickers, and so many more uses. 

In industrial applications D-Limonene is a safer alternative to toxic, hazardous, and dangerous petroleum-derived chemicals. It can be used to formulate parts cleaner, engine degreaser (automotive, aircraft, and aerospace industries), electronics cleaner, tar cleaner, asphalt release agent, graffiti remover, grease trap maintainer, heat transfer fluid, lift station, and sewage treatment solvent.

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