Create Your Own D-Limonene Orange Citrus Cleaner

Create Your Own Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Save Money and Avoid Toxic Chemicals WhenYou Create Your Own Orange Citrus All Purpose Cleaner.

Orange and citrus based oils make great household cleaners that you can make at home using organic, safe, and economical D-Limonene.  D-Limonene is an extremely versatile & powerful natural solvent. Use D-Limonene (also known as orange citrus cleaner) to clean dirt, grease, oil, food, odors, ink, glue, crayon, soap scum, and all kinds of other household messes throughout your house or business.

Brand name cleaners are too expensive and can contain toxic ingredients such as Phthalates, PERC, or QUATS. Check out this article on the dangers of home cleaning products. Here’s another article on toxic ingredients in cleaning products. These poisonous household cleaners  also just too darn expensive! You don’t need the expensive, packaged,  toxic cleaning products. Instead,  make your own DIY all purpose cleaner at home using organic and safe citrus oils. Start by using bulk D-Limonene.


What is D-Limonene?

D-Limonene, also known as Citrus Terpenes, is the main chemical constituent found in the cold-pressed peel oils that can be derived from all edible citrus fruits, namely oranges, lemons, and limes. After the first pressing of the peels, it is obtained from the resultant oil through the process of distillation. 

D-Limonene has a wide range of beneficial applications and has made d-Limonene one of the most prominent natural Terpenes. D-Limonene has a light, pleasantly dry, and refreshingly-sweet citrusy scent and is often used in green cleaning products and fragrances. It is safer to use, works more effectively, and is more environmentally-friendly than most commercial and industrial cleaners.

How Does D-Limonene Work?

D-Limonene is a fragrance agent, a degumming agent, and a gentle yet powerful cleaner that can remove stains, grease, tar, and more, thus making a natural replacement for more popular solvents, which usually contain chlorine or petroleum. Its mildness has also made it a popular ingredient in water-free hand soaps, in which it is said to not only cleanse but to also leave the hands smelling fresh. When applied to various types of hard surfaces, such as countertops, windows, mirrors, floors, bath tubs, refrigerators, cars, and electronic items, d-Limonene can also bring a high shine to all cleaned items.

Create Your Own D-Limonene Cleaner

There are many different and specific uses for D-Limonene around the house or business and those uses often have their own recipes. See my post on recipes for specific cleaners, for this post I will focus on the general all purpose cleaner that you can use around the house or office every day.

For a safe orange citrus cleaner simple combine: 

  • 15oz Tap Water
  • 2  tbsp high quality D-Limonene 

I always prefer to use glass bottles of plastic, but if you have a plastic bottle that is safe for solvents you can use that if you like. Like all cleaning products, keep away from children and pets.

All-natural citrus D-Limonene cleaner  is the ultimate weapon to remove almost any kind of stain or grease from a wide variety of surfaces. It slices through grease and cooked-on stains, lifts pet stains and removes adhesive easily, works well on porous and non-porous surfaces, perfect for odor control and smoke smells, leaves a fresh citrus smell behind, and it is an easy to use cleaner, degreaser & deodorizer. I hope you’ll add this powerful, eco-friendly, and affordable tool to your home cleaning supplies arsenal. It’s a must have in any non-toxic home or business.


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